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Roadmap to Apartheid – Docufilm alla Corte dei Miracoli

Presso Corte dei Miracoli



Ore 21.15


Evento a cura di BDS Firenze Siena

roadmap to apartheid

Attingendo dalla loro esperienza personale, i registi Ana Nogueira (una sudafricana) e Eron Davidson (un israeliano) esaminano in modo efficace e approfondito le analogie tra le forme sudafricane e israeliane di Apartheid.

Narrato da Alice Walker (Premio Pulitzer per Il Colore Viola), il pluripremiato docufilm Roadmap to Apartheid ( riguarda tanto l’ascesa e il declino dell’Apartheid in Sudafrica quanto il perché tanti palestinesi sentono di vivere oggi in un regime di Apartheid mentre un numero crescente di persone in tutto il mondo è d’accordo con loro.


ARCIVESCOVO DESMOND TUTU, Premio Nobel per la Pace :

“Roadmap To Apartheid is very powerful and compelling, and the visuals of house demolitions are appalling. Religion is repeatedly misused by politicians. Yet one of the lessons of Jewish history is that God is always on the side of the oppressed. Another is that those who dehumanize others, dehumanize themselves. Israelis will pay a heavy price for their callous mistreatment of Palestinians.”

NAOMI KLEIN, Autrice e filmmaker:

“Roadmap to Apartheid is a harrowing exposé of Israel’s unique system of official discrimination.”

BILL FLETCHER, Ex Presidente di TransAfrica Forum:

“Roadmap to Apartheid demonstrates for all to see that the use of the term ‘apartheid’ to describe the system of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians is neither analogy nor loose terminological usage. It accurately describes a system condemned by the international community but tolerated by too many governments when experienced by the Palestinians. Not only does this film serve to elevate the viewer’s understanding of the system of Israeli oppression (and the South African apartheid system), but it inspires the viewer to want to act in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the search for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. I found myself gripped by the intensity of the film.”